The Mirror Project

■ Photo art project I'm working on: transforming a photo by mirror imaging

Green With Envy!

■ Wedding cakes is an art in itself.  These green cakes just simply take my breath away...

Engagement Session Surprise at the Beach

■ Today I decided to make a surprise visit to a client's engagement session at El Matador Beach in Malibu.  The photo shoot was handled by my dear friends, Duke Photography.  Of course, I couldn't resist capturing nature's beauty myself.

Inspiring Day at The Getty Center

■ I was invited by a dear friend to take the day off and head to The Getty Center.  Last time I was there was back in 1997 when it first opened.  Why did I wait so long? Really... it's only ten minutes from my office.  Well, we had a fab time catching up on life and I found so much inspiration.

Paper Flowers

■ I'm obsessed with paper flowers!!!  Checkout our office wall treatment and my first attempt at a paper dress.